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19/06/2020 al 21/06/2020

Benicàssim Torre a la vista

Historical recreation of the San Vicente Tower

Benicàssim, “Torre a la Vista” is an activity designed for the whole family, which aims to become a reference in terms of historical recreation of the cultural and heritage space of the municipality of Benicàssim. The area surrounding the Sant Vicent Tower will become the center of this event in which more than forty daily activities will be held, including shows and workshops.

From a small town to a surveillance camp will be some of the scenarios that will make up the old marine nucleus that extended next to the tower. In addition, the Pepe Falomir Almela amphitheater will become the perfect place to warn of the presence of a ship, enjoy pirate arts or witness a sword fight between the Berber pirates and the inhabitants of the town.

But above all, the “Benicàssim, Torre a la Vista!” Is an ideal occasion to bring history to children. Puppet representations, sea legends or treasure hunts will be some of the activities that will attempt to expose the historical and heritage value of the San Vicente Tower.




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