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Hotel & Spa Peñíscola Plaza Suites 4* SUP

Avda. Papa Luna, 156 - 12598 , Peñíscola (CASTELLON)

Tel: 964010700

A family friendly holiday resort overlooking the North Beach in the charismatic town of Peñíscola.

The Plaza Suites Hotel has 431 rooms, 163 suites, 28 Privilege Suites, 7 Zetty suites  and 15 luxurious Themed Suites with spectacular sea views. It has three buffet restaurants and four themed restaurants, four cafes, a pub, playground, shopping arcade and Minos Spa Center.

Throughout the year, and particularly during the summer, there is a wide range of entertainment and activities on offer, especially in summer for families:

  • Zetty Club: For children between 4 and 7 years old we have more of 150 square meters dedicated to children's entertainment to make his holiday even more fun.
  • Maxi Club: Dedicated to friends of Zetty between 8 and 12 who require their own differentiated space for games and entertainment.
  • Junior Club: Located next to the minigolf, this space is for teenagers (between 13 and 17 years) who seek their own room and privacy but, at the same time, we need to be near us.

Open all year round, the Hotel is perfect for those looking to enjoy holidays by the sea in a beach side complex with a wide range of facilities, catering especially for families.



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