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Paseo Marítimo Neptuno frente calle Cibeles - 46730

Tel: 962 842 407

Gandía, capital of the county of La Safor, is set in unusual landscape between the mountains inland and the Mediterranean Sea. An extensive strip of sand almost five kilometres long runs along the coast of this area, offering a wide range of tourist infrastructures and services, making it one of the most attractive destinations on the Valencian coast. A ducal city, Gandía has an illustrious past, as can be appreciated in its historic part, where the mark of Duke Juan de Borja remains in the form of important buildings like the Ducal Palace, the Collegiate Church and the Old University. Its festivals, some of them declared of tourist interest, and its typically Valencian cuisine are some of the other attractions offered by this town.

Gandía is right on the Costa de Valencia, in a beautiful section of the Mediterranean coast where the mountain landscape reaches almost down to the sea. The good climate this Valencian city enjoys all year and the quality of its beaches attract those looking for sun, sea and the chance to practice all kinds of sports. In the harbour area, a deep-rooted seafaring tradition exists alongside the most modern facilities, among them a sailing club, which will delight all devotees of windsurfing, sailing or diving. And, on both sides of the harbour, there are almost five kilometres of coast where magnificent beaches of fine, golden sand give way to one another. A long and busy promenade marks the limit of the North Beach, situated in an easily accessible area and provided with all kinds of services, including places to hire sailing equipment. Hotels, restaurants, discotheques and terraces give the place a great atmosphere, especially on summer nights.Those looking for a more intimate environment should go to the most northerly part of the coast, where, surrounded by dunes, lies the quiet nudist beach of L’Ahuir, with about two kilometres of sand.Two the south of the harbour are another two beaches, Venecia and Rafalcaid. Surrounded by a succession of small dunes, both allow you to enjoy a refreshing swim in a beautiful natural setting.


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