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Terra Natura

Foia del verdader, 1 - 03502 , Benidorm (ALICANTE)

Tel: 902 52 23 33

TERRA NATURA is a new generation animal park where you can discover the 'Zooimersion' ; a novel concept that has invisible barriers enabling you to observe our animals at close hand.


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Conservation and animal protection have been the main engine that has sustained the trajectory of the Park of nature and animals Terra Natura Benidorm, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. The environmental work and the quality of their infrastructure have made possible this incomparable space family leisure oriented to be considered, today, as one of the largest zoos in Spain.

The approach about the knowledge of animals among the public has been a constant in this decade. So much so that there are several activities that the resort organized to promote interaction between the animals and the visitors who come to the site. Among them, there are experiences as the Discovery elephant or the Zoo experience, where you can see the work of caregivers in the Interior shelters and even directly involved in the feeding of the animals.

No one stay indifferent on this visit. A visit approaching behavior of animals the public a perspective only, next and different. In this journey through the natural world you can observe different behaviors of animals depending on the time of year. From the mating rituals when looms the spring until the search for the heat in the months of greater cold. Any time of the year is good to admire the beauty hidden animals and their behavior.

Walk through Terra Natura Benidorm enters the traveller into facilities with more than 1,500 animals of 200 species, which are distributed throughout various thematic areas. Pangea, where a volcano reigns, is the place of poisonous spiders or snakes creatures. America stands out for the colour of the wings of exotic birds in the aviary, the gracious flames or capuchin monkeys restless.

Asia is the home that gives shelter to elephants, which can be seen bathing in its Prairie, rhinos, Tigers, dholes and other animals. All of them represent the fauna of this distant and mystical continent. Finally, is the area dedicated to Europe which is symbolized by a typical Mediterranean village, that hide deer, deer, Mouflon, and farm animals, among other native species.

The fun also takes place through concerts, workshops for children and activities set in each of the areas. In summer the amusement is also in the Waterpark Aqua Natura Benidorm, annex to the animal park. Close to 40,000 square meters with slides and spa area await the arrival of families so that you enjoy numerous water attractions.



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