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Paseo Marítimo s/n - 12598

Tel: 964 48 02 08

The town of Peñíscola, situated in the north of the Community of Valencia, is set in a privileged part of the Spanish Mediterranean. The municipality of Peñíscola covers 79 km², 17 of which run parallel to the coastline, an area which is fairly distributed between woodland areas and warm Mediterranean groves of oranges, olives and almonds.

The old city, which is crowned by a XIV century castle-stronghold and was the residence of Pope Benedict XIII, stands on top of an impressive rocky crag which rises 64 meters above the blue sea. A sandy isthmus joins it to the mainland, which in the past was swept by waves in the midst of storms, turning the city into an ephemeral island.

Providing a contrast with the old quarters are the modern streets and wide avenues of the tourist area. Warm waters in summer and autumn are shared between the extensive beaches of fine sand which lie to the north of the fortress, and the beautiful coves flanked by cliffs can be found to the south.

Peñiscola offers for the whole family a wide range of activities geared to both physical development and the development of environmental knowledge.

Services for families

Throughout the year:

- Calendar of family events

- Playgrounds and play areas

- Restaurants with comforts and services for families

- Accommodations with family tourism seal

- Hiking by the Marjal of Peñíscola and Sierra de Irta

During the summer:

- Numerous beaches and coves

- North Beach awarded with blue flag

- Nautical Station Benicarló Peñíscola

- Aquatic activities

- Sports and play on the beach areas




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