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Avda. Ejércitos Españoles, 30 - 03710

Tel: 96 583 69 20

Calpe is a quiet and safe destination that offers pedestrian streets, museums, and squares, along with a wide variety of parks and gardens. The city is welcoming to families, with cinema, theater, activities, and guided tours for you to enjoy year-round.

We also recommend six family-friendly eco routes to enjoy the city or as an introduction to hiking, in addition to the family activities and programs offered by local restaurants and hotels.

Activities for families:

All year long:

  • Walking through the old town, you can visit the main monuments and make activities and games along the way.


  • Route for the environment of the Peñón de Ifach and visit the Nature Centre.


  • Playgrounds and recreation areas.


  • Eco routes and paths with many recreational areas.


During the summer:

  • A total of 14 beaches and coves to enjoy with the family.


  • Two seemingly endless sandy urban beaches where you can go for a relaxing stroll or enjoy sports and aquatic activities, which are available due to a wide variety of services and facilities.


  • A boat ride that will show you Calpe's bay and the environment of the “Peñón de Ifach” Natural Park.


  • Cinema in the sea, in the months of July and August, films suitable for all audiences are projected at the Levante or La Fossa beach.


  • Boat ride. Boat with underwater viewing from Calpe's port / Cruise along the edge of the coast until you reach Benidorm or Denia.



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