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C/ Mariola, 16 bajo - 46006 , Valencia (VALENCIA)

Tel: 96 374 11 56

ACTIO is a company which develops projects related to nature through educational activities for schools and families. It was founded in 1988, by a group of professionals from the field of education, the environment and the sociocultural animation.

For almost 30 years it has developed its own style: innovative and committed to the environment by providing the necessary resources to carry out its projects.

ACTIO is not only a Travel Agency (CV-m477-V) but also an Active Tourism Company (TA-25-V). It also has a Hostel with modern facilities for Rural Tourism activities in Alborache (Valencia).

In ACTIO Hostel families may live experiences based on the contact with nature, in comfortable and modern facilities. There are spacious gardens with local vegetation (which ensure minimum impact on the environment). It has all the facilities to enjoy in family: swimming pool, sports courts, playground,  farm with animals, rural museum, and sports adventure areas (archery,Tibetan bridge, abseiling area, rock climbing...) The building also has common rooms, TV room, library, games room, workshop rooms and a little natural science museum.

The company offers various Family Packages including accommodation, activities organized by group leaders and abundant menus with homemade food based upon local gastronomy: this is one of its hallmarks.

They offer:

  • Family Sundays
  • Multi-adventure activities
  • Family weekends and holidays
  • Summer holidays
  • Children's camps
  • Meetings and family celebrations

During August Family Camps at ACTIO Hostel, they provide a week's holiday for the family to relax and enjoy. Without being concerned with planning the days, preparing meals or organizing activities for kids. All in  in a family atmosphere and surrounded by nature.



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