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El Campello

Avda. San Bartolome 103 - 03560

Tel: 965 634 606

El Campello is a coastal town located just 10 km from Alicante and 27 km from the Airport of l'Altet. There are in El Campello many attractions: from its secluded coves and beautiful beaches to its diverse natural environment, through monuments, beautiful walks, archaeological remains, ...

If you come with your family, you have plenty of reasons to stop in our town.

Besides enjoying our parks and gardens -do not forget to visit the Children Traffic Park- as well as games and sports facilities (also on our beaches) we invite you to know the playgrounds and ball parks in El Campello and stay tuned to the Cultural Program because rare is the month without any scheduled activity to assist with our children.

We recommend you enjoy our program of guided visits during the year, with special attention of Visitas Teatralizadas:  La Illeta, Cuna de CivilizacionesLos Secretos de los Jardines de Villa Marco where you can discover our history a fun way

In addition, the Cines AANA -cinema/movies- are very close to the N-332 towards Alicante on its way through the town of Sant Joan / San Juan (Tel. 965 940 099)



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