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Plaza de España, 6 - 46625

Tel: 96 189 43 16

Cofrentes offers multitude of activities so that you enjoy the nature in family. The town is located at the top of a hill in surroundings privileged between the rivers Júcar and Cabriel which confers numerous possibilities and some beautiful landscapes to contemplate all together ones.

Services for families:

  • Activities multiventure for families with children. Routes in electrical quad, reductions in canoes by calm waters or matches of lasertag games.
  • Fluvial Route in boat by the Júcar river.
  • Center of mountain bicycles and green routes of hiking.
  • Accredited equestrian routes.
  • Excursions in train, bicycle or walking to the only visitable volcano of the Valencian Community.
  • Baptism of Golf with all the family.
  • Spa that offers familiar packages.
  • Outdoors recreational areas next to the rivers Júcar and Cabriel.



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