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Plaza de la Hierba, s/n - 12001

Tel: 96 435 86 88 - 96 435 86 89

Castellón is a city that hides many surprises. For the oldest persons and the youngest ones. In this city there is a great offer of leisure, to enjoy a complete family vacation.

You can find, from a multitude of leisure parks and games scattered throughout the city, to a wide network of bike routes adapted also for children. Cultural activities are also organized, such as exhibitions in museums and cultural centers, fairs, music festivals and varied leisure and sports activities. Thanks to the good weather that characterizes the city, they can be aquatic, terrestrial or aerial ones.

It is worth visit, the Planetarium, where you discover the world of science, with very interesting exhibitions and projections. In addition, you can see the world that hides the Islands of Columbretes, since in this space you can visit the Interpretation Center of this Natural Site.



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