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Passeig de Colom, s/n - 12500

Tel: 96 445 33 34

The municipality of Vinaròs began as a Moorish hamlet. It is located to the north of Castellón in the comarca of Baix Maestrat and on the border of the Valencian Community with Catalonia. Vinaròs offers a wide range of possibilities for family fun. It is a small, accessible city with plenty of activities for both adults and children.

Services for families:

All year round:

  • Hotels, apartments, and restaurants with special services for families
  • Guided tours to learn about the history and culture of Vinaròs
  • Guided audio service (borrow from the Vinaròs Tourist Info Office or download at
  • Short trails with sign posts, educational panels, and easy access for children
  • Bicycle routes
  • Leisure activities, movies, and shows for all ages
  • Festivals and events all year long, such as Carnivals, which have been declared as Festivals of Tourist Interest.


In the summer:

  • Many beaches and coves available
  • Beaches with services for families: rescue, childcare, fun activities for little ones, identification bracelets, recreational areas, and easy access for baby carriages
  • Water activities: sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, and sea excursions


Download the Vinaròs Family Tourism Guide here



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