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Alquería Planta i Cull

Partida de Saboya,48 - 46120 , Alboraya (VALENCIA)

Tel: 686 16 66 58 - 659 56 33 03

Come and discover and enjoy our market gardens

Planta i Cull is a School Workshop / House Museum in the hearth of “L’Horta Nord” in Alboraya, created due to the interest on the orchard, organic farming and rural areas. By “Agro-Education” we try to bring this medium, especially to  the children.

In Planta i Cull the children’s will spend a day in an entertaining program performing field work and learning about of plants.

Located in the heart of the market gardens of Valencia’s ‘huerta’, it provides a reconstruction of a traditional local ‘alqueria’. With themed sections dedicated to the irrigation channels, the Water Court and the growing of ‘xufa’, the tiger nuts used to make the region’s famed drink, ‘horchata’.

An audiovisual presentation reveals the secrets of the market gardens, before visitors then experience for themselves the seasonal crops and traditional techniques, while enjoying the harvest of natural produce at first hand.+

Discover the traditional system of ‘manta’ irrigation, the technique for drawing water from wells by means of waterwheels, how onions and potatoes are stored in ‘seberes’ to keep for longer, as well as other tasks associated with working the land.

And what better way to finish than around the dining table, sampling delicious dishes made using typical local produce.

Come and discover the Valencian huerta with all five senses

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