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C/ Ceramista Peyró, s/n - 12200

Tel: 96 460 28 55

Onda is a town located in the Comarca of Plana Baixa in the Province of Castellón. It is next to the main coastal tourist hubs and just 25 km from the city of Castellón de la Plana. It is located in the lower basin of the Mijares River between Sierra de Espadán Natural Park and the La Plana coastal plain, nestling it in beautiful landscapes and exquisite natural surroundings.


  • Well-maintained, marked hiking trails
  • The Way of El Cid
  • Active outdoors tourism at Sierra de Espadán Natural Park
  • Interpretive nature trails
  • Guided dramatic tours of the old medieval castle and farmhouse, both declared Historic-Artistic Conservation Areas (in Spanish, Conjunto Histórico-Artístico) and Cultural Heritage Assets (in Spanish, Bien de Interés Cultural).
  • Del Carmen Natural Sciences Museum. Educational activities.



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